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Our Volunteers – Your Friendly Everyday Tutors

Not sure whether we want you? Let’s clear up those doubts right now: We do. Because we work with more teachers, more schools, and more students every year to support our ever-increasing output of books, magazines, and newspapers, we truly need you. We have a variety of unique programs at various times of the weekday (8:00 AM to 5:30 PM) — all of which need tutors — and the good news is that you get to help out with any program that fits your schedule! If you have more time and are looking for an extensive volunteer experience, consider an ACA Volunteer.

Please note, the vast majority of our volunteer opportunities occur during the school day or immediately after school, Monday through Friday. Right now, we need volunteers who are available during the weekday. Here’s where we need your help:


1. School Events and Classroom Volunteer

Our work with students’ schools does not stop at providing alternative academic support outside of classrooms. We’re also working with your schools to have our volunteers on campus and helping out teachers in classrooms and staffs in campus activities. Part of our mission is to support schools in their efforts to educate their students. This is an important partnership. If you see our volunteers on campus, please don’t hesitate to say hi!

2. Community Service Outreach

There’s a lot we can do to help our community. Once a week, our volunteers will be in the community working with non-profit organizations, homeless shelters, grow a tree and build a house events, and any big/small things available. It’s a different aspect to our daily routine and it’s our culture to give our Team the chance to share their character.

We’re really loving the responses and on occasion, see our students at these events. We hope that by being this involved with the community, we can motivate our students to do the same.

3. Storytime for K-5 Students @ Public Libraries

In order to promote early reading readiness to kids at an early age, our tutors will be working closely with your local, public libraries to read stories. One book at a time. It doesn’t take that much time but we’re definitely happy to see that our efforts are putting smiles on the kids faces. If you have children or brothers or sisters who want to attend, please bring them by. See our outreach event page for our volunteers next destination!

4. Arts & Crafts For K-8 Students @ Public Libraries

We’re partnering with our public libraries to bring forward these enriching and fun weekend events. Our volunteers will create the crafts and coordinate the events to teach our participating kids how to make fun arts & crafts.

Thanks to our partnering libraries for providing the space, mentorship, assistance, and for helping us with this volunteer opportunity. This gives our kids the chance to explore their creativity while having a fun time over the weekend. Ultimately, we’re also giving college students the opportunities to work with the community.